Pain Management Solutions

Pain Management Solutions

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Personalized medical care makes a huge difference in a patient's health and recovery. MedCOR Professionals is a medical supplies store with friendly and knowledgeable specialists to help you get just what you need. We work directly with product vendors to provide high quality medical supplies & home medical supplies to our clients.

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MedCOR Professionals is dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate service. At our medical supply store, you'll work with professionals who can handle:

Filing Medicare and insurance claims

After you see a medical professional about your ailment, we can help you find the right supplies for your recovery. We can even help file insurance claims.

Contacting vendors, billing, tracking and returns

If you need something specific for your home care or medical clinic, we'll reach out to our vendors to find the products you need. We offer a generous return policy on most items to ensure you are completely satisfied with your products.

Scheduling routine product delivery for your clinic

Keep your clinic stocked with scheduled product delivery. We have the newest technologies at competitive prices, so you'll always get the proper supplies and equipment for your facility.

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