Bracing & Supports

Comfort, Support, Performance

Comfort, Support, Performance

Do you avoid activities because of weakness, pain or stiffness? MedCOR Professionals offers a large inventory of bracing and support solutions that will get you moving again.

How do braces and supports work?

Non-invasive and non-narcotic supports and braces stabilize weak muscles and joints, reduce pain and swelling, increase blood flow, and improve comfort, strength, and mobility.

If you've lost mobility due to an injury or surgical procedure, your doctor may suggest a medical or sports brace or support to help you heal.

What's the difference between a medical and sports brace or support?

Sports braces and supports work best for shorter bursts of activity such as playing in a basketball or tennis game or working out. Medical braces and supports are softer, designed for all-day wear.

MedCOR Professionals offers the following dynamic and static bracing and support products:

  • Back
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Ankle
  • Other extremities

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