Awareness of Choices is Empowering

Awareness of Choices is Empowering

1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Men can get breast cancer too. A diagnosis of breast cancer comes with a surplus of speeches, packets, suggested books, websites, pamphlets, and other resources. This can be overwhelming to say the least. Fortunately, doctors, scientists, psychologists, educators, and other professionals continue to work tirelessly to expand available treatment interventions. Knowledge of which treatment protocols, surgery options, and recovery plans exist can open the door to many choices. When enduring any difficult journey, awareness of choices is empowering!

Options for post-surgical breast care are as varied as the many women who come to us for support here at MedCOR, where our mission is to keep you moving forward! When it comes to post mastectomy care, we want women to know that we are here to offer a clean, safe, and private environment of support and expertise. Our certified post mastectomy fitters will guide women through their many choices and options in our Breast Care Suite, empowering them to move forward with confidence.

Our product selection includes post-surgical bras and camisoles with the option for drain pouches. Compression bras are also available, which are designed to reduce the lymphatic fluid that can accumulate after surgery. The often necessary removal of lymph nodes can lead to secondary problems such as lymphedema. Compression garments are commonly prescribed to patients who experience this. We offer a wide selection of compression garments including knee high, thigh high, waist high, head and neck garments, sleeves, gauntlets, gloves, camisoles, shirts, and more! Working with you and your care team to find the right solutions for each unique individual, we can also service patients with custom garments and night garments.

Our breast care options also include silicone and non-silicone breast prostheses. Whether treatment involves the removal of one, both, or some part of the breasts, there are a variety of prostheses (also referred to as “forms”) and pocketed bras available to help patients achieve balance and symmetry that feels as comfortable and natural as possible.

There are full breast forms that conform to the chest wall when most or all of the breast(s) is/are absent. There are also partial forms and shells when part of the breast(s) is/are absent. Bras that have pockets allow for prostheses to be placed in between the layers of fabric. These bras keep the prostheses in place and act as a comfortable barrier to the skin. Adhesive is also available for individuals who prefer to wear prostheses against their skin.

We offer a variety of colors and styles of bras from a collection of manufacturers, including American Breast Care, Anita, Amoena, and TruLife. For those committed to an active lifestyle, swim forms, active forms, and light weight forms are just some of the special types of prostheses that are available. Our breast care services can also be useful for individuals experiencing any other physical or hormonal disorders that affect the growth and size/shape of the breasts.

At MedCOR, we select which products to offer with close attention to feedback from patients. This helps us continuously improve our selection as we learn about what feels good and works best for the individuals who use these products day to day. 

We can often bill health insurance when patients have a valid prescription, supporting medical notes, and we are in-network with an insurance plan. Our team can support the process of checking insurance coverages and assist with explanation of benefits. Knowing that insurance coverages cannot be guaranteed, we offer pricing and options for self-pay scenarios as well. It is important that MedCOR has the time to collect all the necessary documentation required to bill your insurance, so your best bet is to reach out to us and schedule an appointment. This gives patients the chance to speak with a care coordinator about what to expect and provides an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

Our appointments are booked in one-hour increments to give ample time to listen to patients’ concerns, answer questions, take measurements, and find the right fit. With our wide variety of styles and options to choose from, it is common for patients to go home with products on the day of their appointment. If there are special needs or custom order items, we will happily arrange to have those items shipped or picked up in the store.

From the initial contact, our care coordinators and certified fitters work hard to make every service at MedCOR a smooth and efficient process. During business hours our team is always available to answer questions and problem-solve to address concerns.

Amanda Niles and Hunter Hoobler, Certified Mastectomy Fitters

Please feel free to reach out or stop by! We are open Monday through Friday 8:30-4:30 and we are located at 152 US Route 1, Unit 7 in Scarborough, ME 04074

We are happy to schedule in-services/product demonstrations (virtual or in-person) for clinics, hospitals, or other places of practice who are interested in learning more about MedCOR products and services.


Contributed by:
Hunter Hoobler, CMF
Certified Mastectomy Fitter – MedCOR Professionals, Scarborough, Maine