Mobility Matters

Springtime Mobility – Solutions for Stability
Although winter is far from over, it’s never too early to start thinking about getting back outside and enjoying all Maine has to offer.


There are various reasons why a patient comes into the store looking for mobility assistance. They could be new to assistive devices, they might come in for an upgrade, or maybe they seek tips on sizing and safety from one of our certified experts.

Often, we are asked, “What is the best mobility product for me?” 

The answer depends on your ability, endurance, balance, strength, and your experience using a mobility device. When new mobility customers visit MedCOR Professionals we ask a series of questions that help us understand how you plan to use the device and where you’ll use it. Are you planning to stay indoors? Would you like to use it for longer distances? Will you be walking outdoors often, or over rough terrain?


Determining your needs for your specific ability is our top priority! We also encourage family members to join the party. Getting a new mobility device should be a liberating confidence builder. Having family members or friends come with you can make picking out a new mobility device much more enjoyable as their input can be an invaluable part of the conversation. 

When you arrive at the store, whether you’re alone or with your family members, or a friend or two, we will dive right in to figure out what mobility item would work best for you. We’ll start with a few questions to break the ice and understand the reason for your visit. This helps us determine if a walker or rollator is best for you, or if maybe a simple cane is all that is needed for some added stability. Canes, trekking poles, walkers, and rollators are amongst the options we have to offer for those who want to stay mobile for as long as they can. We carry a comprehensive line of mobility devices and keep most items in stock. As a full-service dealer, we have access to most brands and styles of mobility support so if you’re looking for something special just ask us!


Once a mobility device is picked out, customer support at MedCOR does not end when you walk out the door. We also service what we sell! Whether it’s an Upright Walker in warranty, or an older rollator that needs some new wheels to get you back out there; if you bought it at MedCOR, we service it.

No matter what the reason for coming in to MedCOR for your next mobility device, everyone will receive our top-notch customer service. We want you to feel safe, confident, and comfortable while here in the store. We want you to have a great experience and hopefully go home with the best mobility device for your needs! 
We all know that maintaining mobility means movement and if you don’t use it, you will lose it! So, with spring just around the corner, our mascot Walter is quick to remind us that at MedCOR, We Keep You Moving Forward!!



Contributed by Tony Michaud
Certified DME Specialist, MedCOR Mobility Specialist