Mobility Matters Preparing for Fall and Winter

Mobility Matters

Preparing for Fall and Winter  

It’s that time of year again and if you’re a New Englander you know how to take care of your car through the snow, sleet, freezing rain, and road salt. But have you considered the preventive maintenance needs of your mobility device?


All the wintertime elements along with the sand and salt that road crews put down can really eat away at your car, so upkeep is an ongoing and worthwhile chore if you want to keep your car looking good for many years to come. These same elements can also attack your mobility device, such as a rollator or wheelchair. Your mobility device, no matter what you own, is still subjected to the wintertime elements like your car and will benefit from some preventive maintenance throughout the winter season. 


In this edition of Mobility Matters, we are going to discuss maintenance and care options for your mobility device that are both easy and inexpensive. Follow these tips and it will help your device last for years to come. 


The good thing about most mobility products is that they are aluminum, which may not rust but salt will still cause some oxidization or corrosion if not cleaned away. Some devices like wheelchairs may be made of steel, and most devices have parts that if subjected to water and salt, will rust if not properly cared for. 


One of the easiest ways to maintain your device is just to keep it clean. If you get mud, salt, or sand on it, you can clean it with car wash soap or Dawn dish soap and water and let it dry. Just wipe down the easy to reach parts and let the rest dry naturally. It is also a good idea to give wheel bearings and other moving parts a light spray with something like WD-40. This can help dissipate the moisture while keeping things lubricated. 


Another really easy way to keep your mobility devices looking good and functioning properly is to bring them in to MedCOR for a tune up. That’s right, we work on the items we sell! 


We welcome walk-in customers, but you may prefer to call ahead for an appointment to avoid having to wait. We will check and lubricate bearings, adjust the brakes, ensure all moving parts are in good working order, and tighten any loose screws, nuts, or bolts. If something needs to be fixed or replaced, we will happily order any necessary parts and make those repairs. 


Whether you prefer to do-it-yourself, or bring your device to MedCOR, it’s always a great idea to protect your mobility investment with some preventive maintenance! If you bought your wheelchair or rollator at MedCOR, call us at 207-222-2828 or click here to make an appointment today for us to make sure it’s safe for the fall and winter months. When spring arrives, bring it back to make sure it’s ready for you to enjoy all that spring and summer has to offer worry free. 


We are your local family-owned small business and at MedCOR Professionals, we keep you moving forward. 


Contributed by Tony Michaud

Certified DME Specialist, MedCOR Mobility Specialist