Mobility Matters - Walker vs Rollator – Which is Right for You?


Maintaining your mobility is a critical part of supporting your overall health and wellness. But if you need some assistance walking, how do you decide which piece of mobility equipment is right for you, and how do you decide when you need it? If you have limited endurance and strength, it can lead to problems with your balance that could result in falling. Often, your healthcare provider may recommend a mobility aid based on your individual abilities. As you consider which device is right for you, let us take some time to review the various options and features of common mobility aids.  



Standard Walker

Walkers are a basic mobility aid. The frame is made from aluminum or steel, it will have four adjustable legs with durable rubber tips and are foldable. There are many sizes of walkers available, from pediatric to tall adult. They are a very stable walking aid when used properly and have been around for many years. The standard walker allows people to bear a significant amount of weight on the device through their arms to support their balance.  

Besides stability, another advantage of a standard walker is that it folds quickly and is easy to transport. The disadvantages of the standard walker are: 

  • needs to be lifted and advanced with every step  
  • not appropriate for rough or uneven terrain 
  • challenging for those with diminished cognitive ability