Mobility Matters - Safety First!


Recently a very charming senior couple came to the store looking to find a mobility aid that might work better than the current rollator the husband was using.  One of the first things that was noticeable was the current rollator was too short, to which his wife made the comment that it was the only model available when they got it. This got me thinking about what we do differently here at MedCOR Professionals and why it is important for patient safety and satisfaction. 

We often see people who got a walker or rollator from a friend, at a yard sale, or online. Regardless of where they got it, it is critical that people receive proper training on safe use. It is also critical that their device fits them and their ability. Letting a customer go out the door with anything that is improperly fitted is poor customer service and simply unsafe!  

Proper fitting and instruction are about customer safety first and foremost. Poorly fitted devices do not provide the stability needed and improperly fitted mobility aids will leave people frustrated with the whole process. What is worse, is that they may stop using the device which limits their mobility further and can even lead to more falls. Maintaining mobility as you age can help decrease your risk of falls and hospitalization which allows you to live more independently.  


Today, we live in a very high-tech world with an immediate gratification attitude of “we want it, or we need it now”! This commonly drives customers to shop for rollators or mobility aids online. The convenience and sense of cost savings from online shopping can unfortunately lead customers down the wrong path. When their new rollator arrives, they do not know how to set it up, use it, or get it to fit properly. When something goes wrong with it that requires repair, they are left dealing with a complicated return or warranty claim. Again, the result is frustration and too often an expensive mobility aid that does not get used. 

At MedCOR Professionals we have a passion to keep you moving forward! When you shop for a mobility aid at MedCOR, we will start by reviewing your mobility needs and preferences with you. Our goal is to fit you into something that matches your ability, your needs, and your budget. We will then set it up for you, make sure it fits, and we review all the features so that you know how to use the device safely. We’ll even teach you best practices to get it in and out of the car! Put simply, you can expect professional service, a great attitude, and expert knowledge as we treat every customer with heartfelt care.  To learn more about rollator options, check out our Rollator Buying Guide

 If you are the kind of person that appreciates a great looking store, and a salesperson that takes the time to fit a product and explain how it works you will most likely leave the store happy. We will also be here to support you in the unlikely event something breaks or goes wrong with your purchase. MedCOR Professionals is a locally owned and operated family business. We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our community. Here at MedCOR Professionals mobility matters because we keep you moving forward.   


Contributed by:
Tony Michaud
Mobility Specialist – MedCOR Professionals, Scarborough, Maine